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The holiday season is approaching and for all those DIY enthusiasts here are our top jobs to get done!

Clean Your Windows:

This sounds like an obvious one but it's truly amazing what a good window clean can do. Clean windows are not only important from an aesthetic point of view, enabling you to enjoy the view and adding instant curb appeal but if windows aren't cleaned on a regular basis salt and dirt can collect on windows embedding themselves into the porous glass which could lead to permanent stains and cracks.  So something as easy as cleaning your windows can actually save you money further down the line.

Replacing Window Hardware:

When windows are open the window hardware, i.e., handles and locks are exposed to the elements.  Unfortunately this means that they can rust quite quickly, especially in homes close to the salt air.  Replacing the hardware is easy to do if you have a drill and screwdriver.  A new set off handles / locks in a style and finish that complements the other fixtures and fittings in your home will make the world of difference, after all, it's the details that count, and where the eye falls.  Hardware can be matched to your existing door / tapware fittings (think matt black, polished chrome etc).  Once the hardware has been installed to prevent it rusting quickly we recommend that it is cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to prevent harmful deposits, such as salt build-up, settling on the finish, breaking it down, and leading to corrosion of the metal. Chemicals and scratching could damage the overall quality of the finish over a prolonged period. Fasteners and handles in bathrooms and kitchens may be subject to a damper and more humid atmosphere, and may need more regular maintenance than living rooms.

Install Child-Proof Locks:

All strata buildings in NSW must be fitted with child safe devices that lock the window opening at less than 12.5c on windows that are first floor or above to prevent children falling out. This law has come into effect for good reason - there have been huge numbers of children falling though windows.  If you don't already have childproof locks on your windows and have homes with more than one storey now is the time to get these fitted.  It will also add security to your home.  It's not an expensive job and the safety devices can be easy to fit.  The peace of mind it will provide you with is priceless.  We have a range of compliant and tested safety devices and are always happy to have a no obligation chat with you about what could work in your windows.  A couple of other tips around child safety - flyscreens do not stop children falling, and keep furniture away from windows so children cannot climb up.