Window Safety Options for Strata Buildings

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Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 it is now mandatory that all  strata building windows must have child-proof locks where the internal floor is more than two metres above the external surface outside.

The safety devices must be robust and childproof. Besides restricting the window from opening more than 12.5 cm or more the device must also be able to withstand a force equal to 25 kilograms.  Here at Lock and Latch we have a number of compliant devices to suit different styles of windows.  We often get asked by customers which of our locks is suitable for their style of windows so we thought we'd do a quick run down of each device:

Retractable Sash Sash Stop - from $17.05

This device is one of our most popular options for strata buildings.

Fitted at 12.5cm above the meeting rail on the top sash, when it has been installed on the window, the device can be either in the 'engaged' or 'disengaged' position. 

To engage the lock, simply use the key to open the lock to pull the lock 'out'.  The self locking mechanism will restrict the opening of the window past the point at which the lock has been installed (i.e. 12.5cm). 

If, on the other hand, residents want the device to be disengaged (perhaps for cleaning, or for where there are no children present on the premises), the key can be used to disengage the lock i.e push the lock 'in'.  Once pushed in (or retracted) the sash window can freely pass up and over the lock into a fully open position. 

It is the flexibility of this lock that makes it so popular.  Strata owners can still comply with the legislation that requires a device to be fitted, whilst having the flexibility to disengage the lock if no children are present.  It is also small and neat once installed on the window and comes in Polished Brass, Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome making it possible to choose a finish that complements the style of the building.

 Watch our video of a Retractable Sash Stop being installed here:


Locking Sash Window Stop - from $16.45

Once installed on the window, the Locking Sash Window Stop looks quite similar to the Retractable Sash Stop.

There is one key difference, however. 

Once installed on the window, the Locking Sash Stop acts as a permanent stop, preventing the window from opening past the position of the stop (i.e. 12.5cms if installed correctly).  If the window is required to open fully, then the stop will need to be unscrewed from the window using the key and taken off the window, allowing the window to be opened.  Unlike the Retractable Sash Stop which can be unlocked and pushed in to allow the window to open.

Again, the Locking Sash Window Stop is childproof because it requires a key to unlock it and again, this stop is far more attractive on the window than some plastic options, making it very popular with those looking for something more in keeping with the aesthetics of their home.

Remsafe Multibolt - from $15.50

The Remsafe Multibolt window lock is designed using the unique Remsafe locking body to provide a multi-purpose locking solution that is compact and strong.

Ideal for restricted ventilation and added security, the Remsafe Multibolt window lock is suitable for double hung, sash and sliding windows.  This is a different style of lock to the two mentioned above, using a bolt and key system.   These are keyed alike across the Remsafe product range.

Above: The Remsafe Mulitbolt installed on a double hung sash window

Childproof Window Cable Lock - from $19.95

The window restrictor is ideal for hinged casement windows, i.e. those windows that open outwards. It has been designed to enable you to open your window up to 10cm to allow air circulation through your home; however, should your child fall against the window they should not fall out.

Unlike some window restrictors currently on the market, this restrictor has been constructed so that the whole device can withstand forces over 100kg, as opposed to just the cable. 

The restrictor can be fitted to any window or door type easily, it has a 20cm cable, and so during fitting you can adjust the positioning to achieve your desired window opening. A key is also provided for times when you may need to open the window fully.

Watch the video here:


Check out our page:  'Solutions for Strata Buildings' to view all this and more.


We hope this has helped in making a decision as to which device will best suit your needs.  We are always available for advice and also have a list of recognised tradesmen that we can recommend to install the devices.

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