What is Draught Proofing and Why Do I Need It?

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In Australian Summers, did you know 87% of the heat that gets into our homes is through our windows?*

Draught proof, draught proof, draught proof!  These words are becoming increasingly popular as we are becoming much more aware of how we can make our homes more energy efficient in our rapidly changing environment.  If you live in a cold climate, you will want to make sure you home is well sealed and insulated against the cold, and keep that precious heat in.  If, like us, you live in a hot climate such as Sydney (which let's face it, also surprisingly has some cold days IYKYK!), you will want to keep the heat out and keep your home cool, sealing out the heat, and also smoke!

Our draught sealing system is simply a series of brush piles that entirely seal the perimeter of the sash window.

Brush pile is inserted into all perimeters of your sash window to achieve a complete seal. The top of the top sash, meeting rails, lower rail of lower sash, parting bead, and staff bead all have draught seals installed. 

A draught proofing system represents an excellent home upgrade. Along with regular maintenance of the sash windows, for example, ensuring any wood rot is maintained, and quality sash window cords and pulleys / spiral balances are used, the lifespan of a sash window can be expected to last for years. 

There is often a presumption that old is bad and new is good. This is not necessarily so: historic and traditional buildings have stood the test of time, demonstrating their sustainability in an ever-changing world.

Traditional sash windows can be very durable: many original Georgian and Victorian windows are still in place, whereas modern windows tend to be designed to have very much shorter lives.  Window replacement can easily destroy the character of a traditional building.  Traditional windows are often considered to be draughty, prone to condensation and hard to maintain. On the other hand, with good care and maintenance traditional windows may outlast modern replacements and may be considered as a sustainable resource.

Draught Proofing your sash windows is one of the biggest thermal-bang-for-your-buck things you can do in your home.  Sadly we often get calls from people who have spent a fortune on double, or even triple glazing, or replaced windows, but have not draught sealed!  There is literally no point in changing glass if you're not sealing the air gaps at the same time.

*Source: ABC News/The Conversation

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  • Nice to see people waking up to draft proofing in this country. Been doing this for 20 years in VIC, it’s my trade. Very happy we finally have a supplier of these products in Aus

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