Draught Proofing. Combining the latest draught proofing technology with the traditional heritage look.

Australia’s number one draught sealing system for sash windows that will effectively reduce rattles, draughts and noise, significantly increasing the efficiency of your windows without having to replace them. 

Originally only available to the Trade, Ecobead is the only range of professional sash window draught proofing products available to the market here in Australia.  Designed by Lock and Latch to give that traditional ‘heritage’ look whilst providing the latest brushpile technology. Our high quality timber beads come complete with quality brushpile.  If you are looking for the benefits of contemporary draught proofing whilst retaining a level of authenticity,  these products are perfect for you.

This product is manufactured in Australia, and we are small team are able to offer professional advice before purchasing, as well as providing an after sales service either by telephone or even video call to ensure you are supported during the installation.   This is all part of our commitment to ensuring you are getting the best out of your product by correctly fitting it.

You can contact us here: 

0425 229 090 or sales@lockandlatch.com

You can view the installation video here: