How to Install Sash Window Draught Proofing

How sash window draught proofing is installed

Sash window draught proofing diagram

Ecobead draught proofing system is simply a series of brush piles that entirely seal the perimeter of the sash window. The process involves taking off the existing stop / staff and parting beads and replacing them with Ecobead Stop / Staff and parting beads.  It is very important to emphasize the significance of draught proofing the parting bead. This is the trim of timber that separates both sashes and often gets overlooked when draught sealing the sash window. It is imperative that the sash window is entirely sealed, even a small gap can make a massive reduction in the performance, let alone 3mm, the whole length of the box itself, which is what will happen if the parting bead is not draught proofed.  


Step by Step Instructions:

  • Remove the existing staff or stop beads.  Start by running a knife around the edge of the beading to cut through the paint. Then use a flat pry bar or chisel to lever the stop bead off the frame.  Top tip!  Start in the middle and then work out towards the ends, the bead is more flexible in the middle.
  • Once the Stop Beads have been removed you can then start to remove the bottom sash. 
  • Remove the existing parting beads. Use your knife around as much as the parting bead as possible to loosen any paint,  then use the chisel or flat pry bar to lever the bead out of groove of the frame. Do this all the way around  the frame making sure you remove the parting bead at the top of the sash also.

Now it’s time to measure up.  TOP TIP!  Measure twice, cut once

  • Start with the top parting bead.  Measure horizontally between the frame and add a few mm to this as you want the bead to go all the way across the head of the window.
  • It is recommended to pre-drill your holes in the beads before nailing.  Then fix the parting bead in position and nail in (40mm nails recommended)
  • Next, measure up for the side parting beads. Measure from the sill up to the parting bead you have just installed in step 4 above.
  • Cut your pieces for the left and right side then cut each in half at the halfway point.   Make a pencil mark at the halfway point and cut. Top tip! Apply a small amount of superglue to the top and the bottom between the plastic and the brush of each parting bead to stop the pile moving.
  • Pre dill holes in the parting bead and nail into place
  • On the bottom half of the window install the parting bead so that the pile faces inwards.  On the top half of the window switch the bead over so that the pile faces outwards.  This will cushion the sashes and eliminate the gaps.
  • Reinstall the bottom sash
  • Now measure up for your stop / staff beads. 
  • Install the beads.  Push them to the bottom sash so that they close the gap but are not too tight,  You want the gap filled but still be able to move the window up and down.  As previously done with your parting beads, pre-drill your holes and nail into place