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Secure Window Stop - Non Locking - Polished Chrome

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The Non Locking Sash Window Stop is part of a popular range of tried and tested security solutions. The Secure Stop is designed to secure your window, preventing intrusion, whilst still allowing air ventilation into your room. Ideal for sash windows on upper floor levels, they can be opened by hand in case of an emergency for escape, e.g. fire emergency, without the need for a key. 

  • Manufactured from Brass and mild steel
  • Heavy-duty window lock with a large brass stopper.
  • 31mm stopper size ideal for large gap between meeting windows and good for large windows
  • The Secure Stop is ideal for fire escape because the stopper can be removed without the need of a key for quick escape from the window
  • 4 plugs are supplied – 2 for each side of the window, one plug for locking and one plug for ventilation.
  • One plug is placed directly above the meeting rail. The stopper is screwed into it, it gives added security, as a secondary locking device, the sash cannot be opened in the event of the main fastener being tampered with.
  • The second plug is fitted 100mm above the meeting rail on the top sash. Once the stopper is screwed into this (instead of the plug above the meeting rail), it stops the sash opening further, providing security when the window is open.
  • Opening the sash by 100mm acts as a night vent, allowing piece of mind that the window cannot be opened from outside when asleep.
  • The stopper is screwed out when not in use and kept in a safe place.
  • The pack is ideal for one window and includes 2 stoppers, 4 plugs and 2 strike plates