Schlegel QL3009 (AQ21) Aquamac 21 Weatherseal - White

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  • Designed for rebates 2.7-3.0mm wide
  • Polyurethane foam core – high durability, superior recovery performance
  • Polyethylene film – weather and UV resistant
  • Polypropylene insert – prevents elongation and shrinkage

The Aquamac 21 is a high performance window and door seal by Schlegel. A very effective seal which reduces draughts to a minimum. Aquamac 21 compresses to seal against air and water penetration with excellent memory, returning to its original shape after compression.  Non shrinking, even in extreme weather, it is also UV stable.

For nearly 50 years Schlegel Weatherseals have provided durable, colourfast seals against acoustic, air and water filtration. Backed by a ten year guarantee, the Schlegel promise is that Q-Lon is a highly cost effective way of offering continuous high standards of weather sealing, year after year.

  • Paint and stain proof
  • Embossed exterior, resistant to contamination
  • Compatible with cleaning agents

Technical specification

Main Seal Material Polyurethane foam
Seal Operation Hinged
Seal Application Windows, Entry Doors, Furniture
Seal Fitting Type Kerf Slot
Rebate (mm) 11.00
Seal gap min (mm) 4.00
Seal gap max (mm) 7.50
Groove depth (mm) 6.00
Groove width min (mm) 2.70
Groove width max (mm) 3.00
Product Features C2C CERTIFIED® Silver