FSC Certified Timber Draught Seal Parting Bead 25mm x 8mm

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Lock and Latch are Australia's leading supplier of Parting and Staff beads. Designed by Lock and Latch to give that traditional ‘heritage’ look whilst providing the latest brushpile technology.

Parting bead is a vertical seal that is fitted between the upper and lower sashes. It creates a channel for the sashes to slide past each other. Our parting bead includes seal channels with pre-inserted brush pile.  The parting bead is cut at the half way point of the meeting rail with brush on the top facing outwards and the bottom facing inwards.  Apply a small amount of superglue / mitre bond glue to the top and the bottom between the plastic and the brush of each parting bead to stop the pile moving.

Available in 8mm thick which suits the majority of windows.

25mm height is the traditional height.

Manufactured from Western Red Cedar (subject to availability) or FJ Pine, all of which are FSC Certified.

Parting bead supplied pre-primed in White Dulux 3-in-1.

Pre-inserted with plastic carrier and white brush seal 5.5mm with central fin for an additional barrier to sound and draughts.

Brush is manufactured from siliconised polypropylene woven yarn to reduce friction and improve water repellance.

Polypropylene is chemically inert and compatible with window frames.

Our products are quality checked twice, both at priming and carrier insert stage.

After Sales

We have an after sales service to assist with installation.  Please call us on 0425 229090 if you would like assistance.


Lock and Latch recommend that the customer check all beading regularly to ensure the product works properly.  Any damaged components should be replaced.

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