Brighton Fastener - Polished Chrome

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          A heavy duty fastener suitable for larger windows
      • The Brighton Fasteners are recommended for sash windows over other types of fasteners because a Brighton Fastener operates on the basis of tightening and screwing together which brings meeting rails together more firmly than a latch. This means the window is more secure and better draught proofed.
      • Designed to pull the meeting rails together
      • Suitable for single glazed windows
      • Manufactured from brass as standard, brass is a strong material that creates and excellent finish
      • Locking.  Key and screws are supplied
      • Finished match out range of sash hardware - match with the Traditional Sash Lift and Pulleys


1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry and free from any surface debris.

3.Place the Fastener on the top face of the meeting rail on the top sash, clear of the glass and mark the holes for drilling. Drill 2 pilot holes, clean off the sawdust and screw the keep to the timber.

4.Place the keep on the top face of the bottom meeting rail and line up to the keep. Test the fastener to check it works. Mark the holes for drilling.

5.Drill a pilot hole using a small diameter drill. Clean off the sawdust.

6.Place the fastener on the timber and screw into the sash through the pilot hole