Sash Window Add On Weight - Half Pound (0.23kg)

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Ideal for all double hung sash windows, the Sash Window Add On Lead Weights can be utilised to build up the required weight for correctly balancing sash windows.

Basic Sash Window Counterbalance Principles:

  • The combined weight of the counterweights must match the full weight of the glazed sash to which it is attached.
  • The counterweights must fit side by side within the weight pocket, and not strike each other during their vertical travel.
  • The counterweight length must permit vertical travel within the sash pocket equal to the vertical travel required for the sash being balanced.

Our unique round and domed shaped add on weights slot neatly and efficiently on to the existing weights making for a smooth and seamless movement within the box.

When choosing sash weights for any window repair or renovation project we recommend that you check your box size first and make sure the weights you have selected fit. 

Dimensions: 36mm diameter, 23mm height

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Proper Handling & Care

Lead is a hazardous material and needs to be handled with care. We recommend using lead materials in outdoor or well-ventilated indoor areas. In addition, you should wear personal protective equipment to prevent excessive exposure and dispose of materials in an environmentally-responsible way

How to correctly re-balance your double hung sash window

1.  Remove the sash window

2. Remove the weights.  The weights are housed inside the boxed frame behind a pocket which is removable once the parting bead has been taken out. Untie the cord holding the weight, pass the cord through the pulley and remove the sash weights.

3. TOP SASH: Weigh the window. Ideally the weights for the top sash need to be slightly heavier than the window itself so that it doesn't drop down when it is open. Weigh your window on scales - bathroom scales will do!  Add one pound (approx. 0.46kg) to the total and then divide this number by two.  That is the weight that goes on either side of the window.

4.  BOTTOM SASH: Weigh the window as above. This time take the total and then divide this number by two.  That is the weight that goes on either side of the window.

5. Tie a piece of string with a small weight added to the end of the new sash cord.  Thread the string through the pulley and pull through into the boxed frame.  Add the new weights to the cord, but make sure you tie a knot in the cord so that it doesn't get pulled back through the sash pulley once the new weights have been added.

6.  Re-attach the window .  Place the new window back in the frame. This might need two people as the cord will need to be pinned (using galvanised nails) into the new window