Weekes Stop - Polished Chrome

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Weekes Stop is the original window restrictor, preventing the window from opening beyond the Stop when operated, allowing the window to be slightly open for ventilation, requires no key to operate. Weekes Stop is a tried and tested security solution for traditional sash windows .

  • A classically designed traditional fitting
  • Prevents the sash being opened beyond the stop


Installation Instructions:

1.Make sure that the window is in the locked position. Mark on the centre of the vertical stile of the top sash, approximately 85mm from the top face of the meeting rail.

2.Cut the following recess:

3.Fit the Weekes Stop into the hole and fix to the wood through the 2 screw holes in the top plate, making sure to drill a pilot hole through first.

4.Rotate the “Stopper” from the open to the closed position to make sure the recess is the correct size.

5.Repeat for the opposite size, making sure the sash hits both Weekes stops.